Daylight in Buildings

Daylight Lamp


Aleksandra Rusin


Anna Lorens,

Piotr Kudelski


Politechnika Warszawska



Daylight Lamp

Project Description

Daylight Lamp The historical urban fabric is a cultural heritage that adorns our cities. We should take care of it, revitalize or adapt it if necessary. Tenement houses are one example of such historical buildings. Still willingly inhabited for various reasons. However, at present many of these buildings do not meet the current requirements of sun exposure. It used to be unnoticed and there are flats in which sunlight does not reach all day or only for a moment. In addition, in the apartments of almost every tenement house there used to be tiled stoves. It was the only source of heat at which the household members willingly gather. Due to neglecting, poor technical condition and loss of utility, tiled stoves are increasingly demolished by residents of tenement houses. That’s how creates inactive chmneys. My suggestion is to heal closed chimneys to provide daylight in the lower parts of tenements, which are often poorly lit. In a place where previously the fire warmed up and gathered people I bring sunlight. Daylight is brought into the room with a lamp. The lamp is made of lenses that focus the sun's rays and direct them to optical fibers. Then it falls through the diffusing glass and illuminates the dark room. In this way, a lighted space can have separated zones that improve the usability of large rooms characteristic of tenements.