Daylight Investigations

Daylight Metempsychosis


Qiuting Wang, Jinze Wu, Jingya Chen


Jingliang Qiu


Tianjin University


China - Mainland

Daylight Metempsychosis

Project Description

Secondary succession is a common phenomenon in nature, but the impact of human activities may make the results more serious. The process of forest from fire to rebirth and then fire is like the cycle of Mobius ring. Just in 2020, Australia encountered a very serious mountain fire disaster, which caused the destruction of large forests on Australia’s east coast.Countless animals lost their lives, and the homes of humans were also greatly damaged. The cause of this mountain fire was related to sunlight, but their rebirth also depends on the help of sunlight. Therefore, daylight is related to both nature's alive and death. To reflect on this fire disaster, we chose to use the form of the Mobius ring which representing the reincarnation to create a scene of destruction and rebirth symbiosis on the uphill route of the Blue Mountain National Park Drive nearby the Australia’s Blue Mountain National Park, which was severely damaged by the fire. In the site, our design are used to maintain the scorched scene after the mountain fire, and the outside of the ring will gradually restore the appearance of the forest over time. In the process of rebirth, light plays an important role. The structure also introduces sunlight through the slits, forming a changing light and space in the channel. People walk in it through the underground-uphill-high point-back to the underground sequence experience. The nihility-recovery-rebirth-destruction cycle, so as to get the warning that we must respect nature and respect life while developing and protecting ourselves with the help of technology.