Daylight Investigations

Death Deserves Light


津铭 张


栋 王


China University of Mining and Technology


China - Mainland

Death Deserves Light

Project Description

Mexico has a unique national culture and represents the Indian civilization that refuses to be assimilated. The day of the dead is the representation of local traditional customs, during the festival people hold memorial ceremonies in the cemeteries. The custom originated from the native Indian culture. Mexicans believe that death is not the opposite of life, but a supplement to life. However, the distinctive national customs and the rich festival night life of Mexicans still rely on the traditional cemeteries which are messy and lack of light at night. The contradiction between the traditional funeral methods and the high-density population in the city is more and more prominent. Inspired by signet carving, candles, and landscape design, our answer is a landscape device, a combination of local materials and characteristics. The devices are rooted in the land, providing guidance and some lighting at night, recording the information of the dead, be flooded by soil slowly, increase and meet metabolism over time.