Daylight Investigations

Delivery, Light Up!


德涵 李, 祺琳 吴


哲 崔,

慧姝 邓,

婷 张


Tongji University


China - Mainland

Delivery, Light Up!

Project Description

As corona virus sweeps across the globe in 2020, citizens make use of the convenience from online shopping increasingly. The express delivery spot has gradually become an indispensable urban basic service facility. Unfortunately, even in the immediate need during the epidemic, it lacks iconicity that the basic service facility should have at night. The delivery spot has its advantages——time flexibility, nomadic location, and the autonomy of construction. Therefore, this design employs the latest scientific and technological achievements, cheap materials, to devise a sticker—— Sun-ticker. It makes light portable and flexible. Express delivery becomes the brick built by courier spontaneously. Through the scheduling of the sun's rays, Sun-tickers provide light and enable the temporary delivery spot to be more eye-catching and easily established. Meanwhile, each delivery box emits light at night, making it easier for people to find and pick it up, and lights up courier's journey.