Daylight in Buildings

Diagnosis and treatment room of light


Min yue Gu, ru yan


Eva de la Torre van Ammers


China Academy of Art


China - Mainland

Diagnosis and treatment room of light

Project Description

Raise a Question: Most children with autism have social and language barriers, and 75% of children also have intellectual disabilities, so most of them cannot communicate normally and even control their emotions. They cannot receive and respond to normal social signals. The study found: People with autism are extremely sensitive to touch and hearing. Ⅰ. They tend to focus on a small part of a thing and repeat a behavior, such as clapping hands, swinging back and forth, rotating (so-called "self-stimulating behavior"). Some researchers and clinicians believe that these behaviors may calm children with autism. Ⅱ. When patients cannot find language to express their inner feelings,Music allows them to express their feelings in a non-verbal way. Solve the Problem: The function of the device is to collect and transmit light, convert the light into musical symbols, Eventually, autistic children are led to actively talk to their inner selves and try to express themselves to the outside world.