Daylight Investigations

Disperse of Light


Michelle Anastasia Limantoro


Universitas Ciputra Surabaya



Disperse of Light

Project Description

We ignore light most of the time because we feel it everyday, while for the people with photophobia, it is small opportunity. In this modern society, children with photophobia symptoms rarely go to the park because of the sunlight. In the clear sky, the sun rays can make dizziness and sweat a lot, so it is uncomfortable for children while playing. We designed special hyperbolic bamboo canopy and a playground as a shade of light, because the light is too direct and causing glare. With the effect of the shading, children can enjoy the daylight without worrying their eye problems. On the other hand, it is interactive because children can ‘play with the light’s shading pattern, which can give different ambience while playing. WHY WE FOCUS ON THE CHILDREN ESPECIALLY WITH PHOTOPHOBIA? We hope to give them more information about outside world and make them confirmed they could have splendid childhood just like others people. They should never regard it as a barrier for happy life.