Daylight Investigations

Dissolve In Sunlight


颖博 亢, 雨轩 杜, 羽珊姗 赵, 锦煜 王, 瑞涵 归


冠宇 吴


Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology


China - Mainland

Dissolve In Sunlight

Project Description

When faced with the design of any residence, we often have to choose wisely with our answer towards the problem of the sun’s exceeding amount of western exposure on buildings, for the contradiction between having daylight inside the building in the afternoon which means to have windows on the westside wall, and to keep out the heat that translated from the exceeding amount of solar energy that the sun produces when sunset which indicates that any window design on a westside wall will cause too much heat going into the room. Contradiction between these two problems is usually solved by taking one side of the problems. But we wonder whether it is possible to meet them in halfway, and achieve both the need to have natural daylight all day long and to get rid of the problems cause by western exposure. The light of the sunset crossing the wall is introduced into the interior and spreads, not only to spread the sunset view of the window over the wall, but also to spread the heat from the sun evenly throughout the room, so that the concentrated heat spreads to a reduction "Xi Shai" causes the problem of excessive calories