Daylight in Buildings

Draw the day


Han Eol Kwon, So Hee Shin, Jin Hee Park


Yoon Kyung Choi,

Hong Keun Park


Chung- Ang University


Korea (Republic of)

Draw the day

Project Description

Light Light possesses multiple meanings to our lives, which is irreplaceable. Light is often interpreted as a positive factor such as symbolizing life, hope, or progress. What does light mean in architecture? In architecture, light is an essential element and an expression tool for a space. In other words, light in space is natural and exists as a supplemental element that makes a space look better and more clearly. But light is also powerful by itself. Light raises many different feelings of people with its change in a shape, size, intensity, and degree of dispersion. Architecture filled with light enables to touch, empower, and motivate users’ mind and senses. Louis Khan said that he could make a drawings of light after he realized that the black is the absence of light. That is to say, it is impossible to recognize light by its sole existence, but by manipulating shadows, light can announce its presence. The shadow shows an existence of objects, and light is drawn by the objects. So we imagined a building where light allows architecture, not vice versa. Draw the day in light. Then, what should be drawn by light? We want to draw a memory of a day using light. On April 16th, 2014, there was a hopeless tragedy in South Korea that broke hearts of many people, including victims, rescuers, families, and who have watched the tragic incident. Shedding a new light on this memory might be hurtful to somebody, but proposing a continuous space filled with light, people may remember and commemorate the incident. Also through the light, people suffering from the event will get a chance to find scars in their mind and heal. We will draw that day through light. The light can be expressed in various ways and there can be many different interpretations on its meaning. If light symbolizes hope, darkness can stand for despair or hopelessness. If you feel intensity from the falling light, you might feel comfort in the gentle spreading light. When the impression of light and the space that contains light are connected together, a story can be completed. So, we’d like to plan and propose an exhibition space of light where we can feel, think, and reminisce. Drawing Tool Horizontal / vertical window, skylight Horizontal light symbolizes daily life while vertical light stands for a loss of everyday life and changes in life status, such as life and death. Optical fiber Concrete The two spaces are physically separated but connected by light. At the incident area, the light flowing in the space for family who lost their loving ones, is reflected on the ceiling of the victim's space. The space where only can light pass through can be brought to realization by using Optical fiber Concrete. Glass cylinder The light that passes through the glass cylinder makes a larger light. As the diameter of the glass cylinder gets smaller, the circle gets bigger (plus, the intensity of the light be weaker). Through those large glass columns, lights are gradually fragmentated and dispersed. Story There are three stories. The story of the victim, and the survivor, and the third party(the family and those who have watched the incident distantly). Flow of movements for each of three stories fall into three periods-"pre-incident," "incident," and "after-incident". In the “pre-incident” and “incident” period, the space for victims and survivors is separated from the space of the third party. When characters arrive at the “after-incident” period, the space of survivors is merged into that of the third party.