Daylight in Buildings

Earth, water and light; a budddhist journey


Sachin Kumar


David Vardy


Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University


China - Mainland

Earth, water and light; a budddhist journey

Project Description

Death is one of the significant moment in a person’s life. Buddhism with its rich culture of funeral practice and memorializing the dead ones as a project I wanted to showcase its traditions over different generations through a form of a journey. Drawing elements of nature like earth, water and combining them with local belief specifically religion (Buddhism), culture and local people the design rethinks the relationship with nature, humans, and culture and seek to reconnect the locals as well as the visitor with the natural beauty of the land and the complex, rich tradition of the local culture that the land has to offer.Light and Dark could play a significant role in the process of mourning and defining space during funeral practices. Light being a key concept in my project, many analyses were made on how light could be an essential part of enhancing space. So the idea of using light and darkness to create an exciting visual experience for the users in one of the most crucial parts of their life is the concept behind my whole project. “The sun never knew how wonderful it was,” said Louis Khan,