Daylight in Buildings

Eclipse Ellipse


Sara Morelli, Lukas Promont


Hildegard Sint


FH Campus Wien



Eclipse Ellipse

Project Description

The name Eclipse Ellipse for the building comes from the elliptical shapes cut into the cube and rotated. The resulting tube gets its lively feel from the offset steps and runs through the entire property, which is why all levels can be accessed from the tube. The panels of the ellipse consist of dark oak which creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere, and a selfsupporting glass facade, supported by steel frames, frames the building. The Eclipse Ellipse was designed for a public square in the 10th district and its swinging and lively shape is intended to facilitate and promote a fusion of art and culture with sports activities. An exhibition and event location, and at the same time a central leisure location for all residents, across all social layers of the district, is the idea the Eclipse Ellipse is based on. This makes the building an ideal place and space not only for exhibitions or events, but also for many sports such as skate- boarding, scooters, BMX bikes and even climbing. Because if the willfully chosen rectangular outer shape, which results from the glass cube visible from the outside, the building blends in well with the surroundings. When entering the building, the visitor encounters himself in a complex and lively wooden interior, which enables and stimulates a wide variety of uses thanks to its design of offset steps. The spacers between the various elliptical levels and their variation in size and orientation result in new light interiors throughout the day. The offset steps also enliven the room not only with diffuse, but also with direct light in a constantly changing play of light. By projecting the curved shape of the panels, this direct light stages an exciting play of light in the interior, creating a lively and varied atmosphere.