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Energy Of Light

Project Description

In my project,I tried to emphasis about global warming problem.From this point of view,buildings that are poorly designed for energy usage play very cruical role in this issue.Except cooling system in the summer,buildings are heavily relied on energy in colder months.Therefore,I investigated materials about reflectivity and optics.As a result,what I've discovered from the components of 3 or 4 different material could provide extreme level of radiation that can replace today's energy sources.In this method the idea is to gain increased level of sunlight in the colder months and the mirrors just work when the temperature of the house is under 21 celcius since the comfort degree of the house is between 21-24 degree.For example,coastal places like Spain,Italy, and some part of France etc.,have this perfect condition to apply the system.Because of geographical features of those countries make the winter period partly sunny.Instead of heating the buildings with air conditoner system,they can apply to solar energy.However,in the inland cities the system may not perform as it could be in those countries cause of cloudy winter period.On the contrast,even if there may not be any heat gaining in inland cities,the reflection of grey light from this smart pannels are still very considerable.Since it would decrease the hours of used artifical lights,it could also contribute to make energy bills lesser and less artifical light exposure which causes many different health problems in human body.From my previous investigations,I realized that the conturies which are located at the latitude 15 or above can rely on this energy system but as I mentioned before that affordabilty of the product could be different in different locations.Lastly,as I learned that demolishing machines also causes global warming issue and the number of the existing vintage or poorly designed buildings in the world are very remarkable to renovate it but to fix their energy problems with smart products might be more logical.In the future,if the need of energy sources become more revelant than today,maybe aesthetic beauty of buildings will change its importance with solar energy systems.In that time maybe mirrors also could be used as solar cooling system by reflecting the radiation that crosses over the buildings.