Daylight in Buildings

Enlightening shade




Iyas Shahin


Damascus University



Enlightening shade

Project Description

First home down. A point where nothing went the same after, Atleast not for Syrians. In 2011, The Syrian conflict began, And created on of the most humanitarian crises of our time. Over half of the country population have been forced to abandon their homes, Due to safety lost, Hunger, Massive destruction in buildings and uninhabitable living environment(water lack, Educational lost, etc..). Minds changing. A young country that was looking forward to flourish and development, Is now all its matter is to provide a shelter, Food, And basic human needs. Necessity. The government tried to start a reconstructuin move, As the loacl urban planners and architects put some plans and offered some solutions, Which has failed because of the lack of resources, Experts and deterioration of the economy. Some of it were not accepted by the locals. The invention. proceeding form, This design came up as a suitable solution made from local materials, to repair and restore the deteriorated homes. besides, it's easy to make as the habitant of Damascus country-side were originally craftsmen. so, it also revive the local crafts, Which provides more jobs to make living. The idea of the design came from mashrabiya; An architectural element Which is characterstic of Arabic and Islamic residences. The wooden screen with openable window gives shade and protection from the hot summer sun, While allowing air to flow through. Whereas, The latticwork offers the chance to see the outside, but to stay unseen thanks to the high luminous intesity outside and the fine dark screen on the inside. This improved mashrabiya is based on the concept of many manually movable latticwork layers, With a different module. When the spaces between latticwork are wide, It allow more sunlight and air to come in, And provide a bigger view to the surrounding environment. When the spaces are small, That gives more privacy and less sunlight to come in. The concept is generally focusing on privacy, Because the Arabic and Islamic communities are considered a conservative communities that respect privacy of people. Covid-19. corona virus made things even worse, Separating people and isolating them in their homes. The many layers of covering are now provide a safe environment to communicate between neighbors. Destruction. as we can see now, For damaged buildings we have two main types; The fully destroyed inhabitable one, And the standing facade-naked building, Which this improved mashrabiya is made for