Daylight in Buildings

Evoking the light of history


Shaima Daweri, Zlatkovska Slavica


Jan Dekeyser


Katholieke Universiteit Leuven



Evoking the light of history

Project Description

The Skopje Aqueduct; an aqueduct and an archaeological site that holds history and tradition, located in Vizbegovo northwest of central Skopje, North Macedonia. The Skopje Aqueduct is the only aqueduct in North Macedonia, and one of three largest and well preserved in the former Yugoslavia along with Diocletian's Aqueduct near Split, Croatia and Bar Aqueduct in Montenegro. The dating of the aqueduct is uncertain, there are two possible theories. The first theory states that it dates back to the Roman Empire during the reign of Justinian Prima and therefore holds the name Justinian Prima aqueduct and transferred water to Skupi. Moreover, the second theory states that it dates back to the Ottoman Empire and was built because of the large number of hamams. The Skopje Aqueduct, still has its intitial orinal full length of 386 meters long and 4 meters wide, has 55 arches who are supported on 56 massive square columns. The aqueduct was used until the 18th century. Today the archeological site is only a place only holds the memory of the place and it is a non integral part of the city of Skopje. The project itself is a conceptual project and it is part of envisioning the future for the archaeological site and becoming an integral part of the city. Therefore it is a proposed building - mini museum that will provide information to the visitors and short history of the site itself. The building has a rectangular volume that from afar apears to float on the river Serava giving the building a monumentality and strong visuals. The question is how the outside, the exterior of the building can reflect the past of the history and evoke it? How the outside can become the inside? How the facade can be the medium of transition and translation? The idea comes from the person eye (the opening and the closing of the eye) and the control of the light how much is entering and how much the eyelid is blocking. The facade is dynamic and the parts are light sensitive. They open and close according to the light amount and have tree position depending on the income of the light amount. The outer shell is made of a fold-able material that allows light to pass through.