Daylight in Buildings



Minhyeon Kang, Seungyun Hyeon


Santiago Porras Alvarez


Korea University


Korea (Republic of)


Project Description

Everyone has rights to have lights. But in the real world, the unbalance of the distribution of lights are always occur. It depends on the social circumstance, agenda, and the masterplan of overall urban landscape. In this sequence, someone are always excluive from the lights. Someones monopolize all the things include lights. The purpose of this project is not just dealing with the lights in technical ways, but also considering the social issue and archiectural factors. This project is not confined only in this region, it could be applied to similar conditions. Ultimatley, we dream the fair world everyone could enjoy the lights not depend on their social conditions. There is one of the manufacturing cluster. The popular industries are lighting, electricity, and iron factory. Lighting shop, one of the most important industry, are located near the big road in this region. Other factories are composed in the boundary of the lighting shop. Therefore, it makes dramatic different atmosphere; outside is bright, inside is misery. Due to the high density of this industry, the alley is narrow and dark, so pedestrians could not be touched by lights. Furthermore, the age of this town is old, so the facade of most of buildings have a lot of cracks like wound. In normal case, the cracks are just small wounds, it has an opportunity to substitute as positive environment. The lighting shops located at the outside of the town have a lot of brightness. In this project, we intend to expand this brightness inside of the region. To concentrate the light more than normal case, we use glass box with lightings-its origin is ligthing shops. Therefore, it could be new circulations, at the same time, the path of light. Due to the variety of the size and shape, it is hard to touch in simple way. Instead of that, we choosed to fill the slime in the cracks; because it is easy to handle the shape so adaptive to the cracks and it composed of glue. From now the crack is changed into the new elements of lights. Bringing the lights inside of the building, the misery circumstance is changed into bright space. At the same time, the spaces now become the lively and dynamic because of the various size of lights.