Daylight in Buildings

Faith in light


Haoyu Feng, Ting Kang


Zhen Xu,

Rui Han


Tianjin University


China - Mainland

Faith in light

Project Description

Through research on the route of the ancient Silk Road, we found the Hotan region in Xinjiang. Hotan is a very important checkpoint on the Silk Road and a place where multiple religions coexist. In such a place, sometimes there will be different voices when facing the same thing. We use the headscarves of Islamic women as the lead of the problem, extending to the hope of building a structure to regulate the collision of multiple religious cultures, and calling on people to respect the right of everyone to have their own sacred beliefs. We use sunlight in the natural world, take the Pantheon as the space prototype, and combine the teachings of different religions to design meditation spaces of different religions for people to perform activities such as meditation and worship. In research and design, silk is used as a new building material, and the silk can have higher strength through some technical means. Throughout the entire subject, we have always adhered to the design concept of religious equality and cultural inheritance, hoping to bring more sacred thinking to religion with sunlight.