Daylight in Buildings

Flexibility of Light


I-Ni Lu, Ting-Huang Zhuang




National United University



Flexibility of Light

Project Description

Nowadays, humans go camping with increasing frequency. While we go away from the city to enjoy the nature, it often also bring the destroys to the ecology. Based on tourists, aborigines and fireflies, using of tents and light, the three elements will be integrated into one, as an invisible connection between people and nature. Structure of Tent, it is composed of framework and sheets。The framework, which angle of the top can be adjusted to switch the types, and fixed it by the ball plunger. The framework is made by the Cylindrical dye-sensitized solar cell, which can absorb a wide range of Solar spectrum. Two sides of panels can get the daylight and the scattered light effectively.The movable framework can be adjusted to switch the light receiving area according to the sun track for efficient electricity storage. Supporting comfortable atmosphere of daylight in the tent. The sheet is combined with wet sensitive ink, optical fiber fabric, multi-layer optical film. The first layer is the wet sensitive ink, which can transform color according to the conversion of environmental humidity, and the yellow totem will warn in the foggy area. The middle layer is made of the optical fiber fabric. Using electric power which stored in the framework in the day to release red light in the night, that wavelength between 580 nm to 700 nm which is invisible wavelength range for insect and environment protecting. The last layer ,due to optical interference ,the multi-layer optical film will release light halo of rainbow such as bubbles and that can not be presented by dyes. Spatial Timing, the relationship between the tent and light changes in one day. Early in the morning, sun elevation angle 28 degrees, we adjust the tent framework to a 60-degree angle, so let the sun shine in and take away the morning moisture. At noon, sun elevation angle 67 degrees, we adjust the tent framework to a 20-degree angle, reduce the scorching sun from entering the tent, and also make the framework absorb the solar energy. At dusk, sun elevation angle 27 degrees, we adjust the tent framework to a 40-degree angle, the pattern will between early morning and noon, it makes the framework continuously absorb the solar energy, also controls the light in a moderate state. Rainbow and Fluorescent, optical interference forms light halo of rainbow.Making tourists in the tent to understand the meanings of rainbow about ancestral spirit of Atayal. Optical fiber fabric electr-fied and release red light, decreased pollution of light. And also be the urgent residence when the mountain disaster causing. The tent not only builds a place to shelter from the wind and rain, but also shapes the light, connecting the symbiosis and coexistence between people and nature.