Daylight in Buildings

geometry of light


amirali kheirkhahan, tolou tavakolinia


mohammad mahdi damavandi,

kimiya eskandari


Islamic Azad University



geometry of light

Project Description

Location: Iran, Yazd, Dakhme zartoshtian The design is made up of two regular hexagons, one of which is rotated. In this design, the pattern of the Persian garden and the Iranian knots have been used in such a way that we have determined the path of the flowing water and the green space and the space in which the light is reflected. In the center, the Shamseh knot and around the toranj and tabl knots, are seen, which are the most famous Iranian motifs. Water has always been used as an Iranian relaxing element in ancient Iranian architecture, and we believe that this element, whether fluent or still, combines with light to create an Iranian composition that The tranquility of this combination cannot be ignored. Such a modern Iranian composition can be a new phenomenon resulting from Iranian thoughts and modern construction . it can be implemented in a non-Iranian place and still Giving the Iranian spirit to the modern body of the building. the patterns in the ceilings, openings, and designs that have been added to the shell have all been tried to originate from the Iranian pattern. in fact, it is a modern body in Iranian clothing. The Iranian belief is that light illuminates every path and indicator, and lighting is very important in Iranian places. Even in structural engineering, we have tried to use Iranian engineering rules. In fact, with these engineering techniques, we turn on a series of features using light reflection. If this structure expresses a subject or involves a movement, it is completely Persian and Iranian because it expresses its existence by using light and reflection. Access and use for this structure consist of two parts, the upper part is for relaxing. In the part where the reflection takes place, at noon in the middle of the structure, the water, is getting light and when the sun is shining in the east, it is lit from the west, and the opposite will happen The reflected light goes from dim to bright and does not go out. For the upper part, there is separate access, but for the lower part, people must enter the public access of Plaza and move with the circulation of the structure. In the center of Plaza, Orosi windows are used, which changes color from bright to pale as the sun moves in the sky. The pattern of openings and entrances is prime numbers. All the Iranian philosophies used in this project have been used for more comfort in a modern building.