Daylight in Buildings

Glimmer · Memorial Hall 2020


Lu Yan, Siting Li, Shiyu Liu


Wei Gao


Beijing Jiaotong University


China - Mainland

Glimmer · Memorial Hall 2020

Project Description

An unexpected epidemic has changed many people’s lives. In the face of danger, many brave people still go to the first battlefield. We call them “twilight”, based on this, we hope to record their heroic deeds through a memorial hall combined with light. We used the reflection of light, the inverted reflection in water and the reflection between light and space, hoping the visitors can feel the change of mood of the heroes. We use tassels, phosphors and other materials, the tassels themselves can reflect light from all angels, phosphors have the function of absorbing light in the day and emitting light at night. A glowing phosphor can illuminate the way to heaven for the heroes, while the light reflected from the tassels is a permanent lamp in the hearts of the heroes. It is because of the persistence of the shimmers that the light will come again. Visitors mediate in alternating photographs of light and darkness, in the TianLu Lake, feeling the light and night.