Daylight Investigations

Good Light Good Mood


Constanza Cornejo, Maria Jesus Soto, Leslie Valdez


Amaya Glaria,

Francisco Ibarra


Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María



Good Light Good Mood

Project Description

The waiting room in primary hospitals centers Waiting rooms take a really important place for the user of medical institutions in the majority of hospitals and health centers in the world, is a situation that in many cases is not the most pleasant, for this same reason we are searching for a method to improve this instance, using light as a drive with the color therapy know as ‘’chromotherapy’’ for better results. That’s why our name is call ‘’ Good Light Good Mood’’, the light can significantly affect how we feel, depending in how present is in the place, if this we join it with the chromotherapy that would help with the mood while waiting this could be beneficial for the user because would show a positive first impression in the patients, so in that way would help in the wait by the colors making the environment a place more comfortable and warm. Information panels The first devise that we use is through a panel that work per a skylight and in that zone captures the light that would be transmitted in the acrylic of color, display in the setting. Solar clock The second devise is a solar clock inside a panel with form of a octagon, this one is base in the trajectory of the sun and it will reflect the time been in the ground. How we use it? We will use the devises named before and we will use a color range that we establish in different times schedules display in a order that would allow them change the brightness of them through the day.