Daylight in Buildings

Green House


Chang-Yu lung, Zi-Shan Zhang, Chieh-An Chung


Kai-Chu Li


Ming Chi University of Technology



Green House

Project Description

Green House urban agricultural system uses a glass curtain module with azobenzene molecular film, microalgae bioreactor, and transparent solar film. It not only provide the function of release heat at night, converts carbon dioxide to oxygen, water cycle filtration, solar and microalgae biomass fuel to supply the ecological cycle of livestock, hydroponics and greenhouse plantations, but also prevent crops and livestock from freezing to provide sufficient light at the same time. Agricultural waste can be used as food for livestock, the excess agricultural waste, and livestock manure can be fermented to produce biogas power, biogas slurry nutrients for hydroponic, and biogas residue fertilizer for greenhouse cultivation. It also provides farming teaching, renting farmland, and market sales, allowing citizens to participate in urban planting in a friendly environment.