Daylight Investigations

Guarding The Gloryland


Kangtai Feng, Xiaohan Li, Yi Yin


Yi Yin


Beijing Forestry University


China - Mainland

Guarding The Gloryland

Project Description

Nowadays, global warming has a huge impact on the world, and many environmental problems are closely related to human beings. The industrial operation of human beings and the increase of carbon emission begin with sunrise. Among them, the rise of sea level is causing us to lose our living space, and most people are not aware of the threat of sea level rise to human beings. We hope to improve people's environmental awareness by designing a way of information dissemination, for encouraging people to protect our land. This combination of temperature sensitive toner, photosensitive toner and graphite plate can be used for building facades, landscapes, devices in cities where sea level threats are located, so as to directly show people the harm of sea level rise.