Daylight in Buildings

Haiguang Zhuying Baxian Cave Daylight Building


Lin Yu-Cheng, Yang Chun-Wei


Wung Wei-Che


National United University



Haiguang Zhuying Baxian Cave Daylight Building

Project Description

Baxian Cave, located in the east of Taiwan, is famous for its unique sea cave landscape and historical and cultural sites. The area is bordered by mountains and seas and has a unique environment. There are dozens of sea caves standing in the mountain forest. These caves have also left traces of people from different eras and nationalities living in this long history. Because of the orographic uplift, the erosion of seawater, formed sea caves; then it was lifted up through the plate, and finally formed its peculiar landscape. Witnessing the nature of mankind from the millennium ago to the present, time has left silent beacons in the depths of the earth and on the solemn mountains and rocks, leading people from the sea to the front, the front sea, when the morning sun slowly rises From day to day, the sunlight reflected through the water will slowly wave on the roof, and people in this space can feel the feeling of Sea, looking at the sea, listening to the sound of the waves, and feeling the sea dancing. The light will be a series of vertical beams of light, symbolizing the guidance of faith, leading from the entrance to the highest point, and then you will see the convergence of light and the respect for faith. The characteristics of Taitung Changbin Baxian Cave include Chaoyin Cave, sea erosion cave, cultural creed and natural sea-facing seascape. and condense the characteristics of this large base into one place making it become a mini Taitung Changbin is our target. we conceived a way to express the meaning of light in different backgrounds through different forms of light at different times about How to show culture and time through the "light", including the light of natural color, surrounding environment and ritual light formed