Daylight Investigations

Halo for Everyone


Rongxuan Mu, Jiaxi Gu, Minghao Zuo


Shanchao Xin


Tianjin University


China - Mainland

Halo for Everyone

Project Description

Halo, as an optical phenomenon, is endowed with various cultural meanings. For example, in religion, halos often accompany gods. In Chinese, aura also has great and noble meaning. It is generally believed that halos often accompany saints and great people.We want to take advantage of that stereotype. We can use Brocken Phenomenon to combine halo with ordinary people to convey the idea that everyone can be a great person. So that people understand that everyone deserves respect, as well as all lives matter. Brocken phenomenon, or halo phenomenon in meteorology, is a kind of light reflection of sunlight through the cloud, diffraction and interference by water droplets in the cloud, finally forming a circle of halo, which often includes the shadow of the observer himself. In the United States, discrimination has lasted almost the whole history of America. Nowadays , the discrimination against blacks, Asians, LGBT is still serious . On May 25, 2020, a white police in Minneapolis,violently enforced the law, which led to the death of a black man, once again aroused the public anger. Many protests were launched with the slogan "BLM". Discrimination is not only an American problem, but a global one. We hope to remind people that it's not just black lives matter, but all lives matter. Our site is in New York City, besides the High Line. The machine produces water mist, and people at the elevated observation deck, at specific time during daytime, could see their halo through the mist “screen”. The halo of a single observer symbolizes self-respect, while halos of people around imply everyone deserves respect. Thus shows our topic: racial equality. We all have our own halos, we encourage self-respect, and we should also respect others, since all lives matter.