Daylight Investigations

Healing Light Gallery for Autistic children


实 成, 明怡 夏, 姝娴 林, 轶男 刘


红霞 于


Qingdao University of Technology


China - Mainland

Healing Light Gallery for Autistic children

Project Description

Autism is a mental disorder that occurs early in childhood and lasts for life. Children with autism are also called "children of stars" because they blink like stars in the distant night sky alone and cannot communicate normally with the outside world. Experiments show that children with autism are more sensitive to light and color than children of the same age, so using color to intervene has become an important means of art therapy. Combining knowledge in the field of "optical health" and colors with treatment trends, we have designed a rehabilitation light corridor for children with autism. Four spherical devices that can collect, reflect, refract, and scatter light are used to guide natural light, so that the light exhibits different color effects in the corridor. By putting light balls into the holes in the wall, rotating the light balls hanging on the wall, and freely playing with the scattered light balls, the children complete a picture of the light in their own world in the corridor, thereby understanding their psychological and Physiology has a positive effect. At the beginning of the corridor, the child's heart is relatively closed, but these colors and shadows give them the motivation to explore. As it gets deeper, the children will complete a series of games in the porch: find different intensity lights on the sphere to change the lighting, etc. In the game, they interact with the glowing spheres, and begin to explore their own interest in the surrounding things gradually, so as to establish a benign interaction mechanism with others, can exercise the ability of "common things", and effectively train their social emotional communication Ability to encourage them to open the clear outer space, feel the sun, intimate contact with nature, out of the haze. Finally, the "repair" effect of the light corridor will be achieved. The monologue of an autistic child: PART 1 closed I am a special child. Others call me an autistic child. I don’t know how to communicate with others or how to complete the specified tasks. I am afraid of the outside world. I like to curl up in my own corner. Try not to be found. PART 2 First acquaintance A ball rolled under my feet, and I picked it up, but it radiated a colorful light to the surrounding walls, and the darkness in the corner was repelled by the light. What is this? PART 3 Explore A beam of light appeared in front of the hallway. I held the ball over and there was a circular hole in the wall, and the sunlight came in. I put the ball into the hole, just the right size, and gently turned the ball in the hole. The colorful spots jumped on the wall and the ground, just like the picture in my world. PART 4