Daylight Investigations

Healing light——in memory of the victims of the Tangshan earthquake


Tian Yi, Wang Shan


Ma Xin


North China University of Technology


China - Mainland

Healing light——in memory of the victims of the Tangshan earthquake

Project Description

Foreword: I looked up at the monument where I couldn't see it, and looked at the name of my loved one at the top of the monument. I couldn't even touch him. Even if I touched it, I couldn't feel his warmth like sunshine. Origin: At 3:42:53.8 seconds on July 28, 976, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale occurred in Fengnan area (118.2° east longitude, 39.6° north latitude) of Tangshan City, Hebei Province, China, with an epicenter intensity of 11 degrees and a focal depth of 12 kilometers. The earthquake lasted about 23 seconds. The earthquake killed 242,769 people Tangshan, an industrial city with millions of people, has been ruined in a huge earthquake without any warning. The book "Shock of the Earth" published by China Earthquake Press published the following figures: 242,769 deaths, 164,851 serious injuries, and 544,000 minor injuries. The world’s worst earthquake disaster in the last century happened... Current situation: The current monument to the victims of the Tangshan earthquake is very solemn. The black stone and the surrounding environment have a strong impact. The dense names of the victims reflect the ruthlessness of natural disasters. However, for the families of the victims, the current monument is difficult to find the name of their family members in the face of a large wall. By adding a memorial device for the victims, families can find the names of their loved ones more conveniently and quickly. Through the medium of names, we can feel the echo of the soul and the awakening of memories. At the same time, the relatively closed space of the memorial installation is more conducive to people's thinking and meditation, making it no longer a place that recalls pain, but a place that brings memories of dead relatives. Inspiration: The inspiration for this device comes from the starry sky projector. By projecting the stars in the real scene, the immersive effect can be achieved. In the modified device, the nostalgic person can put the name of the victim on the other side wall by operating the central console, and at the same time can control the position and size of the projection. On the other side of the device, there are sitting steps, which can let the nostalgic people stay, rest and meditate. Design At the end of the design, we hope to make an immersive facility to commemorate the victims in the Tangshan earthquake. To realize the process of people remembering and remembering their old people, In terms of feelings, we proceed from two aspects: one is the light. We set up a projection device in the building, and the names of the victims are projected on the projection wall of the building, like stars. When we use a search device to search, the names of the victims on the projection wall will become brighter. We illuminate not only the names of the victims but also the hearts of their families. The second is temperature. On the other side we have a somatosensory wall with the name of each victim written on it. Here you can achieve the joint effect of light and temperature. When you touch the name of the victim, the name will change Light, and at the same time you can feel the temperature on the name. We are no longer a icy cold monument, but a monument with temperature that warms people's hearts.