Daylight in Buildings



obada dubuş


bahar sultan qurraie


Karabük University




Project Description

Since the war began in Syria, the Syrians are resorting to edcape by the sea, hoping for a better and safer future for their families and children because they lost hope in their country, but in the end, unfortunately, alot of them lose their life in the deep sea. The goal of the project: giving hope for a better tomorrow by improving people's psyche through the sunlight ,this project provides a safe environment underground, an environment similar to the sea environment in which they see hope by introducing sunlight underground through the water to form a shadow that distracts the attention of people from the noise and the Horrors of war, a beautiful, safe, underground place illuminated by natural light gives them hope that life will be more beautiful and war will end, and even if they are underground, hope and light are everywhere. The project consists of 60 cm thick walls, most of which are under the ground, the ceiling and the windows are above the ground so that it is a safe place and at the same time it provides sunlight. The movement of the project's facade has been designed considering the sunlight direction, it moves at sunrise and sunset representing the beginning of a new day, the light enters in different shapes and angles that increase the aesthetic of the interior lighting. ETFE has been used in the windows Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene is a fluorine-based plastic). It was designed to have high corrosion resistance and strength over a wide temperature range,to increase the ability of the windows to withstand heat and pressure during the war. ETFE is a polymer and its source-based name is poly. the layers has been filled from the inside by water. When sunlight comes from the windows through the water inside, the range of light expands and the sunlight enters the place iand covers it completly forming shadow and shine on the floor of the place (it has been inspired by the sea). And because of the shells and explosions that occur during the war, causing earth vibrates, the water inside the windows vibrates, and when sunlight enters the interior through the moving water, the shade moves on the floor and walls of the place to form a beautiful view that distracts the people's attention from the noise of explosions and gives a safe environment Full of hope. An advantage of the façade movement has been used to bring fresh and natural air into the project, the outside air enters through the ventilation holes through Pre, carbon and formaldehyde filters To bring pure, clean air inside.