Daylight in Buildings

House of the Sun


Azamat Ashakanov


Valery Sidorov


Astrahanskij Gosudarstvennyj Universitet


Russian Federation

House of the Sun

Project Description

Motivation. In many pagan beliefs, our ancestors worshipped the Sun God. The influence of the sun - the "Light of the future" - on our lives cannot be overestimated. We offer you a draft version of the ideal home for yourself. A home that lives in harmony with the surrounding nature, in which human life, as it should be, is as close to nature as possible in our opinion. This, in the sketch, is an attempt to Express our love for our land, for the tender(now we have spring) SUN. Search for an idea. My forefathers roamed the great steppe, desert, and semi-desert expanses from the South of Russia to Mongolia. Respect for the traditional way of life of Kazakhs, Kyrgyzs, Mongols determined the choice to take as the basis of the project image, the universal dwelling of a nomad – "Yurt". In this project, we offer a variant of an Autonomous, individual residential building for a modern (future) countryman who lives and works, like my ancestors, close to the pristine nature, far from urban communications and engaged(as an option) in livestock breeding . The main thing-is loving our nature, the traditional way of life of our ancestors and enjoying every Sunny day. Idea. The main idea of the project is a variety of options for solar and lunar reflected lighting from the sun, the light of the internal space of the house, thanks to the projected external mobile shells. We offer four main options: The first option-provides an Autonomous, most favorable for family members, (scientifically based on time insolation), solar lighting system for the premises of the house. The second option – in the "manual" version, family members choose the time and intensity of lighting. The third option-in addition to the time of insolation, the desired pattern of the opening in the ceiling through which the space of the room is illuminated, you can, thanks to the device of colored stained glass, give the lighting a variety of dramaturgy of color sensations. The fourth option-in bad weather (dust storms, hail, etc.), open only part of the blinds of the outer mobile shell on the leeward side of the house in time to see the last rays of the setting sun or enjoy the dawn. Project description. The layout of the house is divided into four zones, which is close to the zoning of the inner space of the Yurt. 1) Entrance area with dressing room and guest bathroom. 2) living room-Studio Area. 3) parents ' Sleeping area with EN-Suite bathroom. 4) Children's zone. The construction of the external walls and sloping roof is a metal frame with built-in stained glass. The main thing-four, as well as zones in the house, mobile ( moving on an electric drive on guides) shells. External "MOBILE SHELLS" are made in metal structures with partial stained glass filling. Vertical parts of mobile shells are equipped with adjustable blinds (screens) that rotate according to a given scenario. In the inclined part, at the request of future owners of the house, various stained glass Windows are embedded in the form and filling (tempered glass, colored glass). Mobile shells, at the choice of family members, move, covering any of the four zones of the house. Or they come together one above the other, opening up three zones, for maximum integration of the interior of the house with the exterior. The fully glazed surface of the walls and roof can be partially mechanically transformed in favorable weather, to improve the microclimate and more fully integrate with nature. Similarly, in the Yurt covering top can be removed. When it need to be cool, in the hot season the room of the Yurt, the felt has lifted a bit from the floor on the North side and more cool air, the result is a natural draft upward through the hole in the ceiling, cooled the room. For additional cooling and humidification of hot air, we have provided a reservoir around the perimeter of the house.