Daylight in Buildings

ISO refraction


Benedikt Goldschmidt, Nikolai Talos


Hildegard Sint


FH Campus Wien



ISO refraction

Project Description

The project "ISO refraction" consists of a steel skeleton structure with recycled containers placed within. The two bottom floors, which house the sporting areas, act as the concrete foundation for the steel structure above. The containers, that were previously used on merchant ships, divide the cultural spaces into four floors. With light being the center stage in the project, the use of “light chimneys” became the main focus. A total of six containers, protruding through the building shell, serve as light funnels. The placement of the light funneling containers were distinctively selected in areas that would not receive an adequate amount of direct daylight. The inside of these “light chimneys” is coated with a highly reflective coating in order to generate a particularly high-yielding light flow. A Fresnel-lens on the light chimneys enables the refraction of light, allowing for a more concentrated lighting result. Reflected from the inside of the light chimney, the light exits the chimney into the various stories through well placed light slits. This way, it is possible to redirect natural lighting into all the cultural and sport spaces to obtain and illuminate with daylight. The two “light chimneys” in the climbing hall are particularly significant, as they act as climbing surfaces as well. Furthermore the “light chimneys” have the purpose to differentiate between daylighting and having a view to the outside. The light funneling containers allow for lighting while the windows on the north side supply the view outside.