Daylight in Buildings

Kaleidoscope of light


Olga Sinelnikova, Adelina Gazizyanova, Dinara Gazizova


Akhtiamov Ilnar,

Akhtiamova Rezeda


Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering


Russian Federation

Kaleidoscope of light

Project Description

Playing with light is the most accessible and most entertaining type of activity with children. This is real magic and magic. In our project, we would like to teach a child to study and distinguish features of such a light source as the sun. Children like to spend time outdoors, play in the daylight, catching the rays of the sun, which well influence their development. Currently, there are a variety of options for spending time on the street with children, but few of them can teach and really interest the child. In our project, we would like to make out the connection of children with daylight, and then, in turn, we would be able to interest the child with the help of light, so that in their life, the sun would mean not only as a source of illumination, but also a source of knowledge, discoveries and subject for games. To implement our idea, we decided to create a whole complex consisting of three main parts: a maze, modules and a framework. So, through the maze, we show how the sun can follow and how it can show the way, how it can hide and go outside. The modules themselves, this is the main task for developing ideas. In them we form various settings related to the refraction of light, water, the spatial play of light and shadow. The third hour - are a testament shell, which serves primarily as a loophole for children, but in the same turn, thanks to the grid and the sun, we get another picture on our surface. For us, it is important to combine with a sports function to satisfy the necessary physical activity. This whole system combines both entertaining and educational functions, which enables the child to learn new with interest.