Daylight in Buildings



Vinzenz Krenek, Alexander Magrutsch


Hildegard Sint,

Renate Hammer


FH Campus Wien




Project Description

In an old industrial area, former home of the Anker bakery, surrounded by Industrial brick facades, a building was created to invite and entertain people from all around. Different passions can be satisfied on the different levels. Movement is free for everyone, which is why a free access sports zone was built on the ground floor. The first floor is meant for coffee lovers and bookworms, the second floor provides place for an exhibition hall with the intention of attracting artists and curious eyes, a terrace gives this floor space to think and relax. The roof brings nature a bit closer by creating a roof terrace-garden accessible to everyone, which is very much needed in this nearly vegetation-free area. The trees, grasses and bushes are meant to close out the noises of the city. Surrounded by a doublewalled glass wall, sunlight lights up the building. A glazed courtyard inside the building provides the floors with natural light. To break the strict order in this complex of brick buildings the structure design of the “Lichterwald” is chosen to seem chaotic and dynamic. Two Layers of glas envelop the volumen, holdin onto supports. These two glas skins make it possible to dim each area of the building individually. Through the use of electrochromic glass it is not only possible to have an optimal daylight settings, but also to let the building occur in many different ways at night.