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Life Sundial - “Rest” is for the long journey






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Life Sundial - “Rest” is for the long journey

Project Description

LIFE SUNDIAL - “Rest” is for the long journey I. Main Idea With the outbreak of COVID-19, made us think about the importance of epidemic prevention. Taiwan has different isolation modes for different situations. Among them, those who return from the severely affected areas will be sent to the centralized quarantine. Because of external traffic and high population density, Taipei has be severe epidemic area in Taiwan. So, we consider adding a quarantine office in Taipei. Taipei Xiangshan, an urban forest near the metropolitan area-away from the clamor, not away from the dust- is suitable as a base. Climb Xiangshan can overlook the entire Taipei, and the quarantine office can be converted into a guest house at the end of the outbreak. People who are quarantined often feel like they are in prison. Be sequester them from society ,loneliness sprang up, so we want to create a space where people can relax, and become more healthy. II. Concept Feel the daylight experience in Xiangshan : from visual - light falls through the layers of leaves; from auditory - wind blowing shake the leaves rustling. Citing Genesis, the order of God 's seven-day creation. We made a sundial of life for people who are quarantined. According to the plane of the sundial of life, no matter when you can enjoy the appropriate sunlight, get a good quality of relaxation and rest. III. Explanation of Design .Spirit room It is a space for thinking and exploring yourself. Through principle of mirror imaging, people in quarantine can see themselves over and over again.Specially shaped window allows the beam to fall and shine changefully. .Spa room It is placed in the northwest to welcome the sunlight of the sunset, and to see Taipei 101. Daylight around 4 p.m. can promote the body's absorption of calcium and phosphorus and bone calcification. They can do some proper massage while basking your back. .Sunlight Chimes Imitating the beam generated by sunlight passing through the opening between the leaves.The device will refract and reflect to the nearby space to bring about interaction when it hits the sunlight, so that the neighboring isolated people do not feel that they are alone. .Double Skin Structure 1. Divide the outer skin into two. The first layer is the original mechanical structure of the building; the second layer is to regulate sunlight, temperature, radiation, etc. 2. The first layer of the balcony is a large French window , which transmits light but does not penetrate ultraviolet rays. The sunlight chimes outside the skin and the planting wall outside the west face can effectively adjust the indoor temperature and light. The rate of disease mutation is becoming more and more unpredictable, so it is necessary to do epidemic prevention work. Therefore, isolation has become a part of architectural design.It is not only just to cure diseases, but to heal the body and mind.