Daylight Investigations

Light after disaster


Dapeng Chen, Shenghui Tang


Haohao Xu


Hunan University


China - Mainland

Light after disaster

Project Description

After the earthquake, the electricity is cut off and the lights at night can’t be provided. Rescue, medical care and other measures cannot be carried out normally. The continuous aftershocks, dark nights and cries of grief make the victims who have lost their homes fall into inconvenience and fear. At this time, people need a shelter with enough light, which can be used for temporary residence, and also can give people some comfort under the night sky after the disaster. The light canopy provides a convenient and quick way for the people in the disaster area to build. It only needs to be fixed in the site, relying on its thermal materials and sunlight to complete the construction. After that, it will provide people with part of the power and light to sustain their lives at night, assisting in rescue, medical treatment and temporary resettlement of the victims.