Daylight Investigations

Light, amplified and shattered


Mohadese sadat Hoseini, Fateme Hashembeygi, Maryam Rahimi Sharbaf, Shaghayegh Naji


Ameneh Bakhtiar


University of Tehran



Light,  amplified and shattered

Project Description

In the Name of God When you look at the roofs of Iranian Bazaars, you will see the play of light and shadow. Interconnected domes that shelter people from direct sunlight. With holes in the top, they let some light in and do not let Bazaar be deprive of light According to our architectural heritage, we took an action in order to improve the quality and beauty of these openings. At first, we thought about collecting as much light as possible from the outside. So, we decided to use a ring made of concave mirror for directing light to another concave mirror which is like a cap over the hole. At this stage, we examined various examples of the mirror compositions. We used flat mirror, but finally we came up with this design. After that, we needed to spread the light in a beautiful and gentle way in the space. Here we decided to use a transparent container full of water to take advantage of the sparkle and play of light in the water. Also, for spreading as much light as possible, we placed some small polyhedral mirror-faced objects to float in the water. The centered light that comes from concave mirrors, hits a glass case that contains some water, and it spreads the light all over the space Place with a certain glow and movement. For the shape of the water container, we looked at different examples of volumes and figured out that the spherical case emits light in the best way. In fact, we can say that we bring light out of stance, revive it, and gave it to the environment. Actually, these days there is not enough illumination inside the traditional Iranian Bazaars and unfortunately in some cases, the use of electric lighting has created a bad visual appearance. Our project can be used in Bazaars and not only provide more light for the space, but also make people feel better. In addition, this project can be used in special spaces that need special emphasis, decoration and special effects. We had ideas to make our project usable in spaces on the lower floors of the building. The first idea is that we can use the whole set as a wall, but its function may be limited to certain hours of the day. Another idea is to direct the light to lower floors, using a duct which its inside surface is covered by mirrors and has concave mirrors at one side and water container at the other side in the interior space. So, it can illuminate the place.