Daylight in Buildings

Light and Shadow Station


Fang-ping Hsu, Tsai-jie Chen, Chien-chen Lai


Kai-chu Li


Ming Chi University of Technology



Light and Shadow Station

Project Description

The island of Taiwan lies across the Tropic of Cancer, and its climate is influenced by the East Asian Monsoon. Northern Taiwan has a humid subtropical climate, with substantial seasonal variation of temperatures. Changing temperatures from time to time makes it difficult for buildings to choose from environmentally friendly materials, so we want to improve this problem by using Transparent Wood. It's a material that is multifunctional it can transmit light very well and also it can store heat. took balsa wood and removed its lignin – a component of wood that gives it strength and colour. Acrylic, which is non-biodegradable and water-repellent, was introduced into the remaining tissues where it filled both the tiny pores left by the removal of lignin and the hollow vessels that carried water in the tree. That not only helped maintain the wood’s structure but also restored its strength and improved its optical properties. The upshot was a frosted-looking wood-based material. In the light and shadow changes, we add the Lilium speciosum petals into the design as an idea, the light point can be seen on the second stage from dense to sparse, and the structure is like the flower holder, the whole will show different beauty as the sun shines.