Daylight Investigations

Light Bloom at Night


Seong-gwan Choi, Hyeong-seok Kim


Hyun-ah Kwon


Mokpo National University


Korea (Republic of)

Light Bloom at Night

Project Description

Korea is famous for its hypergrowth. However, problems originated from disparity in wealth and competitive socialism lay behind the surprising development of Korea. Increased suicide rate is one of the most serious problem we faced. We are about to make buds of light on the Han River, a famous suicide spot in Korea. We want to convey a message of hope to those who want to commit suicide. Moreover contribute solving environmental pollution of the Han river. We proposed a new perspective which not only reflects light as an object we see, but also illuminates ourselves as the subject itself. Every objects show different appearances depending on the sight and time, and these factors can bring psychological change in beholder’s mind. The structure purpose on evoking positive change in the negative thoughts through optical alteration.