Daylight Investigations



Enes Bayrak


Serbülent Vural


Karadeniz Technical University




Project Description

THE DESIGN QUESTION How can a daylight investigation apply the principle of ''peace at home, peace in the world'' in Syria's Idleb where one of the worst humanitarian crises of the 21st century is held place. THE PLACE Idleb is a city in Syria, sharing borders with Southeast Turkey. It has become a city where almost 4 million civilians took shelter due to the attacks and forced migrations across the country. The United Nations has announced that a possible military operation towards Idleb might trigger a wave of migration containing hundreds of thousands of people, emphasizing the main concern being the protection of civilians. VALUES AND LIMITS OF THE PLACE Values - Displaced people - Possibility of being attacked - Persecuted people - The prospect of recovery - Psychological environment - Life with fear Limits - Demolished houses - Power cuts - Dark and dangerous streets - Transportation difficulties - Communication difficulties - Freedom restriction BACKGROUND During the war in Syria, more than 12 million people have been killed or forced to flee their homes. More than 11 million Syrians left their homes, including 5.6 million who have been forced to look for safety and shelter in neighboring countries. Inside Syria, more than 6.2 million people are displaced and 13.1 million are still in need of humanitarian assistance. Before the conflict, the city of Idleb had a population of 1.5 million people. The UN estimates that 4 million people live in Idlib today, nearly half of whom have already been forced to flee their homes multiple times. THE PROGRAM The design provides lighting both as a practical and symbolic element. Lighting elements are designed to increase safety in the areas taking place. It also gives information to the society; Danger Zone, Emergency and Safe Zones. It innovates the future with technological developments, using new materials, storage and transportation of daylight. Provides communication and internet by acting as a base station. Takes steps for humanity by giving hope to society. THE CONCEPT The concept of the proposal is to integrate technology with nature, using lighting as a way to hope. Daylight investigation will take a step for humanity by giving hope to the society. Taking innovative steps with the movements of nature will be ointment to people's wounds. With the use of new materials in nature, Daylight investigations aim to bring peace to Syria and to the World. CIRCULATION Light Clouds, which are left to certain points of the Idleb neighborhoods, are forming a loop. These clouds, which are in their smallest form during the sunrise, transform the sun rays they receive during the day into light energy and store them. These clouds start to form by growing all day long with the evaporated air. The light energy stored inside becomes active at sunset and the cloud that shines around turns into a lighting element. These clouds, which have reached their biggest form in the sunset, begin to shrink with the condensation of the air. They emit light until the sunrise and this loop continues through seasons. THE PROPOSAL Light clouds play as daylight investigation studies for humanity. These clouds, which are distributed to certain regions in the city of Idleb where the humanity massacres continue, creates a hope for humanity with combining technology and the nature. They illuminate unsafe streets by converting the solar energy they store during the day into light energy at night. By using the mechanism inside the sphere, the clouds that can be controlled remotely inform the regions and provide communication. With this proposal, it is hoped that it will bring peace to syria and to the world. FORM AND MATERIAL The form consists of two main components. The first part is the artificially produced technological sphere and the other is the vapor of nature that shapes the outer surface of the sphere. The Daylight Investigation turns into various forms throughout the day depending on nature's movements. Aerogel, which forms the outer layer of the sphere, keeps the sphere in the air. Aerogel is a synthetic porous ultralight material derived from a gel, in which the liquid component for the gel is replaced by a gas. Solar energy stored in solar cells is converted into light energy and radiated around by light tubes and funnels.