Daylight in Buildings

Light For Resonance


Xiaoyue Zhang, Zhuo Shen, Bihe Zhang, Lingzhi Li


Qingsong Han


Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology


China - Mainland

Light For Resonance

Project Description

Inefficient use of sunlight sunlight has caused serious unfair distribution with the development of today's architecture: part of the use space is exposed to the outside, and too much sunlight brings about negative effects like heatstroke. Another part of the space due to shielding, the sunlight is seriously insufficient, some people staying in such environment fall ill in vitamin deficiency, depression ,etc. Emotional inequality Segregating sunlight leads to serious isolation of behaviors and activities. People who lack sufficient sunlight environment tend to have a sense of inferiority. Wall vs roof In the common form of modern architecture, walls are used as a means to separate perception from one another, while roofs are used as a means to separate daylight. This form of mind-set leads to the physical and mental health problems described above. This form and problem are both universal and enlightening. How to define a new type of wall and roof nowadays and change its relationship with human and nature to solve the contradiction between today's architecture and light? location Such problems are particularly acute in the tropics. The phenomenon can be seen everywhere in The tropical Chinese city of Guangzhou. The outdoor galleries are exposed to the sun, while the vegetable market besides the wall are badly lit. At the same time, the wall of separation separates the farmers from the visitors, which aggravates the humble feeling of the farmers. Reconnect a common roof This kind of roof should intervene in a light way to minimize the interference and destruction to the original space. Through the combination of Fresnel lens, light guide tube (liquid core) and concave lens, the net is woven to collect, transmit and release the sunlight. The excess sunlight in the excess space can be reused in the insufficient space, so as to achieve the reasonable distribution of sunlight and reconnect the originally separated light and shadow. The light guiding liquid is stored on the wall in the form of vesicles. When both sides people press the vesicles at the same time, the special liquid is squeezed and filled with the network formed by the light guiding tube, the light guiding phenomenon is started and the emotional connection is reestablished under the touch of both hands. A common roof Redefine a common roof, this roof makes daylight get the most reasonable use, the wall as the extension of the roof, so that people interact with it at the same time, so as to save the wall of the separation of people and the roof of the separation of light