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Light In The Dark Mist






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Light In The Dark Mist

Project Description

By collecting sunlight in the morning, we want to solve that people will lost their direction in mountainous areas at night and during fogging even happening horrible accident. Trying to use the feature of sunlight and fog to solve these problems. It can become a beam of hope for those survival people in the dark fog. Seventy percent of Taiwan are mountainous and hilly, and nearly 2 million people in Taiwan living there. If natural disasters such as earthquakes and landslide occur in the mountainous areas out of blue, the rescue team can’t deal with emergencies and disasters and provide relief at first moment and people can't find the safe evacuation movement within a time. After that, the process of reconstruction and relief will be very slow and labored. If we can take an advantage of the sunlight in the day to shorten the time for disaster relief and resettlement, we help those victim materially and spiritually at first time. It will become a hopeful light for them. Even when disasters did not occur, we could also use “it” on the hiking trails. It is because the rate of "lost and missing" in mountain disasters is more than 40 percent, and the temperature at night in the mountain is lower than 10 degrees or even below zero, even in summer. In Taiwan, there are numerous Climbers mountaineering any time. However, most of the them lose contact with their teammates during the journey, coupled with the changing microclimate in the mountain area. Under this circumstances, they will be apt to loss their direction. Then, they are in danger when being not on their right way. They even don’t know what would happen. In this way, we take advantage of the climate characteristics of fog and light to create our designs. In our design, we store light energy in the device when the sufficient sunshine is advantage in the mountain area at day. And it release light energy when the sight is fuzzy. It forms an indicator light for the loss, so that mountaineers will not get lost in such a fuzzy region. At the same time, we use the daylight and the principle of convex lens to store heat into the water lest water freeze in the low temperature. And the other function is that It will provide warm water and the heat for the mountaineers and residents in the cold and humid mountains and tribes. Beside,at night, the relative humidity in the mountain area is up to 90 percent, is apt to become foggy. We attempt to capture the water molecule in the fog, as an emergency supplementary water source for mountaineers. And we desire to increase the time of golden rescue for the victim. As for the color of light emitted, we choose red to reduce the damage to the ecosystem. In addition, red light can be sought at the far distance. And red light is only second only to yellow in the ability of penetration. In conclusion, the red light will be the best indicator light when the sight is fuzzy. So, this device can have different functions in different orders for the changing weather of the day. At night, the device continuously collects water by the water vapor in the mist. So that the water level in the storage tank is getting higher and higher. And then the buoyancy force drive the opening of the water vapor. At the time, the device will supplement energy for the foggy situation. And, at day, the mountaineers get water in the device, cause the water storage tank empty. Then the water vapor is getting rising to capture water. This device will place on the treetop to facilitate shrinking, receive sunlight and a noticeable location. And it will drop to 80 cm above the ground. It is facilitate to open the bottom of the device for mountaineers at this distance. In order to respond to different environmental and regional feature, the device is composed of units, which can be connected in series to form a different possibility of point light and linear light. The point light form will be like a lighthouse in the mountains to indicate people lost in the right direction. And the linear light form will be like a luminous band to guide the victim's desired path. In the future, it can be laid on the evacuation after the disaster to form an escape instruction for the rescue team and the victim. It will become a beam of hope for those survival people in the plight.