Daylight in Buildings

Light in the sea


Catalina Pezoa Echague


Javier Del Rio Ojeda


Universidad San Sebastián



Light in the sea

Project Description

The city of choice for this work is one that faces the sea, and presents high temperatures most of the year. The house that will be alter has a sea view. This room will turn into an artscraft or an artistic workshop. This kind of activity requires lot of light, and a constant air flow, to clean up the air in the room and let the oxigen help with the creativity and in the process of creating new art. The dimesions of the room are 3x3x3 m aprox. The light entrance and the windows added have the purpose of maximize the light that enter the studio depending on the time of the day (morning-afternoon-night) and increase the airflow, avoiding the entrance of seabreeze and humidity.