Daylight in Buildings



Golam Robbani, Md. Rezon Hossain, Iftakher Uddin Ahmed, Shafiqul Islam, Ashik Sutrodhar


MD. Shahadat Hossain


Sonargaon University




Project Description

Dear Judges, How are you? I hope you are all well with the blessings of God! Welcome to my architectural practice. I have tried to highlight some important possibilities of architecture here. "Sunlight" is a precious gift given by nature. Can't we balance the natural environment with the environment created by making the maximum presence of this gift? It's possible! If we change the design of the building facades and openings, keeping the needs of the building intact, then we can gain maximum daylight and air. For this, we should take a fresh look at the building facade and opening design! My philosophy _ "Close your eyes, darkness will surround you, open your eyes, the light will embrace you" So, here I propose to open the building facade independently. Because I believe, there is not enough light in the closed window, the window has to be opened for adequate light. We have analyzed here, how to gain maximum diffuse sunlight and direct sunlight by changing the facade and opening design. At the same time how to protect the sun heat and gain natural air. Which brings more life to the constructed environment. Concept: To get maximum sunlight, we are proposing a strategic solution by changing the design of the building facade and opening, which will touch the aesthetics. At the beginning of the work! We needed some guidelines to reach the desired goal. That's why we first reviewed the most used facades and opening designs. For example: What is the amount of opening in such a facade, how much is the opening able to gain maximum daylight? As well as how Sun heat is protecting, how Natural Air is gaining! A detailed analysis has been done on this subject. After doing the analysis, I got some logical guidelines that increase our enthusiasm. Guideline : · Facade opening must be increased to gain maximum daylight! · Facade design should be functional, where sun heat will be protected and natural air can be gained! Idea development from a small BOX_how can we gather maximum daylight in a box! Here we have developed potential ideas that help us get maximum facade openings. Where we get maximum sunlight. For example, how will Sunlight enter Direct and Diffuse, as well as how to protect the sun-heat of the East-West and how to gain maximum natural air. After Idea Development, we showed how this idea can give a new look to the facades of different forms! The last time we did detailed work, we showed how the idea invented the building! Such as: gaining maximum diffuse and direct sunlight, functionally protecting sun heat, and gaining natural air. Which allows us to see a living environment. Finally, the language of the mind, we are very happy to be able to work on such a project. Thank you. Have a peaceful time! Best regards Ashik Sutrodhar