Daylight in Buildings

Light Leakage


Junwen Deng, Keqing Jiao, Shuhan Miao, Meihua Luo, Han Qin


Jingxiang Zhu


The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Hong Kong

Light Leakage

Project Description

Water pipes are an indispensable element in architecture. It not only provides water for people's daily life, but also effectively drains rainwater and domestic sewage. However, we don't seem to want water pipes to appear in our own space. Because the water pipe seems to symbolize clutter and dirty, water pipes are hidden by us in inconspicuous corners such as outdoor and electromechanical rooms. However, when the water pipe can guide light, everything seems to be different. Like optical fiber, highly reflective glass is used as a conduit to introduce light into the room, and frosted glass is used at the joint, so that the light can be reflected and transmitted through the pipe smoothly, and a lot of refraction is generated at the joint. The light leaks into the room. In addition, light can interact with the water in the pipes. When the water is full, when the water is flowing. Even when the water is slightly turbid, the Tyndall effect will occur. This reminds me of a space where there is almost no window like a mechanical room, and if the place usually filled with water pipes can bring light through this method, can it be provided to the homeless or low-income people to live? In this way, not only does the water pipe become beautiful, it also makes the society beautiful.