Daylight in Buildings

Light Market


湟 宣, 道 周, 托力干阿依 多里坤, Delgertsetseg Azgun, 先雨 胡


湟 宣,

爱民 吕,

达祎 赖


Shanghai Jiao Tong University


China - Mainland

Light Market

Project Description

In the post-epidemic era, the global economy stagnated and people reduced consumption and urban life. As the shops charge is too expensive to pay, people began to sell goods without buildings. In China, asset-light stalls economy is encouraged to promote consumption and provide employment by transformaiton of public space into bussiness space. However, the stalls economy has low quality lighting environment and market order. We decide to design a low-cost and fast-build installation for vendors and citizens, solving problems in this mode and using light to activate the city of tomorrow.