Daylight in Buildings

Light Meditation


Yunkang Lu, Penghui Gui, Shengfeng Zhou


Lili Wang


Shanghai Institute of Technology


China - Mainland

Light Meditation

Project Description

With the development of China's economy, China has slowly started the way of urbanization. However, gradually, people become blindly busy and lack of belief and thinking. Light is the original source of human belief, while books are the ladder of human progress (corresponding to the theme modeling), and the most basic way to improve people's quality. However, China has become the country with the least amount of reading per capita in the world, which has become one of the most serious problems of our contemporary people: the lack of belief. Influenced by the Buddhist culture of Myanmar, more than 85% of the local people believe in Buddhism. Whether they are children or adults, Buddhism is their most devout belief, especially when people read scriptures in temples. Connected with our present society, people gradually give up their spiritual home and lose their faith for the sake of material life. So we plan to design a space for people to pursue their beliefs.