Daylight Investigations



luca natali


Giuseppe Camillo Santangelo


Università degli studi di Ferrara




Project Description

The trees and daylight from the sun are both natural elements that are fundamental for human beings' life. From this, the concept of the project was born, offering a new approach to sustainable projects that integrate both of them. The tree or the sets filter the daylight from the sun giving back oxygen by the chlorophyll photosynthesis process. This process allows us to keep the temperature constant during the seasons and absorbing the CO2 present in the air. Furthermore, the use of wood, as a choice of construction material, reduces the consumption of non-renewable fuels and products obtained from non-renewable resources. For these reasons, the materials used for this project are local wood and wood products from the trunk to waste products free from impurities obtained through recycling both for load-bearing and not load-bearing elements. Moreover, the photosynthesis process converts solar energy into the wood, about 50% of its mass is carbon, which is fixed through absorption of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. The project's structure bears alone mainly with the structural frame of diamond bracing over two bays. It is composed of two levels, at the ground floor is sheltered by wattle and local bushes reachable in loco resolving the problem of introspection; on the first floor is covered by skylights, which allow capturing the zenithal light during the night and exploiting of daylight during the day. To counter the heat of the hottest seasons has been thought to leave the first floor open for ventilation of the spaces and air in a natural way without the use of a mechanical system. Moreover, a small area surrounding the tree is free letting the hot air rise and refreshing the underlying spaces. The tree's branches protect from direct sunlight during the summer and the hottest periods and letting the daylight filtering through in winter. The aim is to create a comfortable place building around trees according to geographical area respecting nature and because of the use of the tree's branches and vegetation that surround the structure fostering a sobering place for visual comfort and creating a good perception given by nature and daylight.