Daylight Investigations

Light of Nature


Zeling Chen


Zhijiang Yang


Architecture School in Southeast University


China - Mainland

Light of Nature

Project Description

Louis Kahn has said that the origin of school is that a person shared his experience with others unconsciously under a tree.Tree is a kind of object casts shadow under sunlight, is a kind of site for rest and communication, sometimes is also the spiritual center for groups of people. Deforestation of human beings has never been stopped since the industrial revolution.Taking China as an example, illegal logging and slash and burn agriculture consume up to 5,000 square kilometers of virgin forest every year. In northern and central China forest cover has been reduced by half in the last two decades. Although dozens of laws and regulations have been adopted to stop destruction, cutting down trees and selling for money or agriculture is not rare at places out of the reach of laws. Furthermore, the increasing demand of raw wood of Chinese industrial leads to more import wood consumption, making deforestation a world wide problem. In short, rules and laws can only stop a small portion of deforestation, and more job of protecting forests should be laid on individuals' spontaneity. The project aims to remind local people of the history and alert them from further deforestation by making the remain of deforestation a monument, At the same time, the project is also an installation focuses on showing the rivival of nature. Its appearance changes from time to time, from day to night and from current to the future. At the beginning, the instatallation is a collage of artificial material and wood. With time pasts, more and more creepers climbs onto it, covers more and more surface of the installation. At last, the 'newly-born tree' with creepers coted casts shadow under sunlight and return soft daylight at night, becoming a 'tree' as the social center for local people. The whole progress symbolized nature's self healing and coexistance with human.