Daylight Investigations

LIGHt of Tracking


荟玲 周, 芮 苏, 晓勇 薛, 灵 张, 灵 张


湟 宣,

爱民 吕,

达祎 赖


Shanghai Jiao Tong University


China - Mainland

LIGHt of Tracking

Project Description

The night will not be too long, the light will definitely come The design started with a news report about a man robbing a single woman, literally,Today's legal society still has this type of urban security problem. More seriously, single women This type of vulnerable group suffers not only from robbery, but also from rape and loss of life. We design the floor where such incidents occur. combine the light, We light up the road to single women home and make them Percept the surrounding environment to decrease the rate of tracking crime.