Daylight Investigations

Light Pump Manual


Yang Song, Haoyang Lu, Zhong Chen, Jialu Xu, Yang Song


Xuechuan Geng


Qingdao University of Technology


China - Mainland

Light Pump Manual

Project Description

Zimbabwe and Rwanda has rivers and lakes and abundant rainfall during the rainy season. Therefore,these primitive wells, springs and surface water sources have become the main sources of domestic water for residents. Taking water from a puddle a few kilometers away from home every day is part of the daily life of residents. However, due to the lack of basic drinking facilities, the water quality cannot reach the drinking standard, and the health problems caused by the water quality are a major cause of abnormal deaths in the area every year. This design,based on the way how local residents fetch water, uses local cheap and available materials, combined with sufficient sunlight conditions, , and completes it by a simple construction method. In the daytime, the residents are provided with clean drinking water through solar water purification (distillation and disinfection); at night and early morning, they reflect the moonlight and mark the location of the water source to provide directions for people to take water.