Daylight in Buildings



Sıla Tunç, Ömer Baylav, Fırat Tulaz


Cüneyt Kurtay


Gazi Üniversitesi




Project Description

In Today’s world, one of the most crucial issues of countries is the import of the agricultural crops and the lack of growing domestic crops. As is known, many countries are not been able to yield some plants in their own regions and being object to export these crops. In accordance with this, the project has been proposed for the regions in which the population is increasing, the climate conditions are variable and extreme, lack of space in the field of agriculture, and as per capita food and yield necessity are increasing. In order to solve these mentioned matters the cultivation under the ground has been preferred through providing necessary light. In this project, it is aimed, based on the skylight, to cultivate and sustain varieties of plants or vegetables that have difficulties in growing in the relevant region in the field of domestic crops. In addition, regardless performing on the surface of ground and serving people recreation areas to get benefit of social activities. Having obtained, it is envisaged that the goals presented will be adaptable in different latitudes and this project will be presented to human life, especially to the future.