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Light, shadow and sensation






Centro de Ensino Superior do Amapá



Light, shadow and sensation

Project Description

Theme The theme Light, shadow and sensation, is intentional for innovation in architecture, the development of Tourism, Leisure in order to make the hotel a regional landmark in good use of new technologies and good use of the natural environment that interacts with the building , give meaning to the inhabitants of a region that is excluded, being a state with great natural wealth and with potential for the future, with the best use of resources to provide a new environment of appreciation, and the possibility of exposing the beauty and a partnership between contemporary architecture for the hotel segment with the largest and most beautiful Amazon River that flows into the most important forest in the world for Amazonian flowers. The total differentiation of the project proposal, is directly linked to architectural innovation with the use of light and local climate for the best use, addressing as a climatic criterion the comfort and appreciable aesthetic vision, always proposing a project that is directly linked to global. The use of Light The light is, and will always be present in our lives and in our total possible literal and conceptual realities, with this we realize that throughout the human journey with its achievements in the development of humanity, we perceive the creation of buildings, of the great structures that in ancient cultures with Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Babylonian, always had a great relationship with the use of sunlight in favor of their projects, in order to promote the greatest possible use for their time and with the use of their technologies to integrate architecture, environment and society with star king the sun. This architectural proposal proposes a conceptual and futuristic look of a building where the main structural functions such as pillars, beams and slabs that interact with the environment in which they are inserted perform a resistance function, control of the winds coming from the facade, control of solar incidence and integrated with all forms of the building, in order to make the building alive and with movement when exposed to natural light, unveiling its shape and its intensity. Location and Intention When developing the proposal, which is located in the country of Brazil, state of Amapá and capital of Macapá, with unique characteristics of geography because it is cut by the equator and is divided between the northern and southern hemisphere which makes the development of the plan the needs of the judicious project, as this region does not present the four annual seasons of defined climate, and its humid and hot climate is characteristic with daily temperatures of 33 ° C and minimum of 25 ° C and a thermal sensation of 40 ° C in the summer periods, This location is one of the Brazilian states with the greatest preservation of its forests and native biodiversity, and the Amazon River has on its coast one of the largest rivers in the world. In order to achieve the objective of the ideal architectural form, a hotel building concept that could host 120 apartments was defined, so that the apartments had a balcony for views of the landscape and contemplation of the Amazon River, maintaining the integrity and intimacy of the guests in their preserved totality. The project The building only comes to life when the incidence of light on its façades and interior, so laminated glass frames and slightly dark tones were used to better control the penetration of sunlight into the interior. Frames with a flat aesthetic were developed for the facades of greater visual contact of the building and guardrails in curved laminated glass for better aesthetics and security control in all apartment balconies, the use of natural light is vital for the good performance of the project proposal that in periods of morning sunlight where there is the front facade to the east, the sun's rays penetrate all the apartments in total and these promote natural sterilization against fungi and bacteria that may arise due to the high relative humidity of the air, and in the afternoon when the incidence becomes greater and the relatively increased heat on the west façades, these are protected by solar eira to promote the health of the environment that managed to eliminate excess heat, with the building having a double inverted concave polygonal shape, this way the building itself interacts with the environment creating ideal light and shade for visual effects of appreciation and thermal control, in this way achieving with the good use of technical knowledge of world architecture a building that is in its entirety performing movement and new points of view for local societies, where when revealed by light it inspires individuals regardless of their careers to be their maximum potential, the building becomes sensitive to the most humane of the emotions provoked.