Daylight in Buildings

Light-Shadow Painting


Junyi Zhao, Xiao Zhou, Yuhong Zhou, Chenyang Ji


Zhenyu Ni


Nanjing University of Technology


China - Mainland

Light-Shadow Painting

Project Description

As one of the four great inventions in China, papermaking has inherited thousands of years of cultural history. In Jing County, Anhui, the hometown of rice paper, the ancient papermaking industry is gradually declining, and the entire ancient town is facing a process of transformation. Therefore, in the production process of rice paper, we explored the relationship between sunlight, paper and shadow to shape the spirit and charm in traditional Chinese Ink-Wash Painting. We use the process of drying rice paper as one of the papermaking links as a carrier. By analyzing the factors affecting the shadow (distance of objects, overlap of light, humidity of the paper), the shadow presents different levels to match the composition elements of the painting to complete one Chinese Ink-Wash Painting showing the ancient papermaking process. In this painting, the paper-making people and tools have become paper-based paintings, vividly telling visitors the millennium history of rice paper, and the vitality of the ancient town has been renewed.